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You Hit Mesh, I’ll Cover The CMA

Word hit the blogosphere that the “mesh boys”: managed to “sell out”: their “Toronto conference”: (congrats). While Mesh goes on, I’ll be soaking in the marketing brain-dump here in Montreal as we get the CMA – “Canadian Marketing Association – National Conference And Trade Show”: (running from May 15th – May 17th).
In interest of full disclosure, I was on the organizing committee for the CMA National Conference And Trade Show and helped us snag “Joseph Jaffe”:, “Lovemarks”: and Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Worldwide, Kevin Roberts, plus author and experiential marketing guru, “Max Lenderman”: and a smackload of others.
The theme of this year’s conference is Next, so expect lots of talk on how the digital world is (and should) be permeating all aspects of the marketing channel. I know that One Degree contributors “Bill Sweetman”:, “Kate Trgovac”:, and “Stefan Eyram”: are attending, so look forward to some coverage here at One Degree in the coming days.
As an aside, if anyone will be in Montreal for this event, please be sure to drop me an email, or stop by my Wednesday presentation – “The Brand is Flat: How Brand Democratization is Going To Change Your Business For the Better”. I’m going to include many stories including Habbo Hotel, Second Life, Nike ID and much more.
You let me know all about Mesh, I’ll let you know all about the CMA National Conference And Trade Show. Deal?