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Sig Files In Action

A few weeks ago “I asked you to show us your sig files”: and while my inbox isn’t exactly overflowing with examples, I did get a few interesting specimens I wanted to pass along.
Chris Adams of “Hot Banana”: uses a very simple animated .gif after his contact information. Beside the .gif (shown here) Hot Banana also highlights any recent awards they’ve won via a second smaller .gif (not shown).
Hot Banana sig
As Chris explains:
bq.. “This is dynamically programmed via Hot Banana so that, instantly, if our VP Marketing wants it changed – it is done – without having to install a new sig file for each Outlook user.”
p. Jeff Ginsberg of “The Email Company”: offered to share 1 of 3 signature files his company sends depending on the type of contact the message is going to.
Here it is:
Ginsberg sig
As an aside – what is wrong with you people? I ask for sig files and say I’ll post good ones and you don’t send me anything? This is free advertising people! Take every opportunity that presents itself! Stop being so humble Canada!