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Month: June 2006

Gone Fishin’


The folks at One Degree are taking a bit of a summer holiday. We’ll be back on our regular schedule starting July 11th.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some summer reading, you might want to check out our 48 Five Questions interviews or peruse the All Time One Degree Top Twenty:

  2. Big Problem With Google Pages
  3. Two Weeks With Gordon and Frank
  4. Saw The Viral, Bought The T-shirt
  5. One Week With Gordon And Frank – So Much To Learn
  6. Big Problem With Google Pages
  7. What Google Earth and Google Video Download Pages Tell Us About Google
  8. What is Google Caribou?
  9. The Million Dollar Home Page
  10. What Is Buddytown?
  12. PR Disaster As Viral Opportunity?
  13. Crispin Porter Bogusky And That Viral Chicken
  14. How To: Track Offline and Online Leads With Unique URLs
  15. Under The Hood At
  16. Kraft Tries RecipeCasting
  17. How To: Add Spell-check To Your Domain Names
  18. Five Questions for Dave Balter, BzzAgent
  19. Some People Think Is Always Offline
  20. Ken Schafer Joins Tucows
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Second Toronto CaseCamp Announced

CaseCamp pulled over 70 Internet marketers for its first event only two weeks after it was formed. Now the third CaseCamp (second in Toronto) has been announced. Don’t you owe it to yourself to get involved? In a few years you’ll be able to start stories with “I remember when CaseCamp started. Back then…”

Update: The date has changed to accommodate two special Case Presenters and to take advantage of a great new venue. Click through to get the scoop from the organizer of this event, Eli Singer

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10 Reasons B2B Companies Under Invest On Web Sites

Jakob Nielsen’s June 1st Alertbox, on B2B web site usability, inspired me to catalogue the resistance I almost invariably see when speaking with our B2B customers and prospects about their web sites. Have you heard any of these 10 excuses? Worse still, have you uttered them?

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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

I’m one of the millions of Canadians who uses a mobile device (two, in fact) to surf the Web. Twice this past week I was thwarted in my attempt to access a number of popular Websites because the sites weren’t designed to allow mobile surfers, like myself, in. I have two observations to make regarding this.


Ken And Mitch’s Excellent Podcast Adventure

Last week “One Degree contributor”:, “blogger”: and “Twist Image President”: was nice enough to interview me for “Six Pixels of Separation”: – his latest incarnation as a podcaster.
The podcast covers a bunch of interesting topics including “CaseCamp”: and “Second Life”: My interview is about 15 minutes long and covers some of my thinking about One Degree and Internet marketing in general.

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