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Harry Rosen's Evolving E-mail Strategy

As Internet marketers we live either in the now or slightly in the future (ever ask your neighbour about feeds, podcasts or YouTube?). With that in mind I thought it might be nice to look at the progress on online retailer – “Harry Rosen”: has made in e-mailing their customer list.
Here we see an e-mail sent from my wonderfully named salesperson Barby Ginsberg back in September 2002:
Harry Rosen Trunk Sale
_(click the image to see a larger version)_
Besides being text only and using non-trackable links, the message has a lot of quirks that caused me to use it as an example of _what not to do_ when teaching e-marketing courses.

But Harry (and Barby I guess) have been learning more about the Net in the last four years and I was quite impressed with this recent e-mail promoting an in-store event:
Harry Rosen Private Sale
Maybe it’s the fact that the e-mail is almost a clone of One Degree’s stark black and white look, but I found this very compelling. The message is now made up of a bunch of images (and pretty much nothing else) which isn’t the best but I found the visual design appealing, very on-brand, and effective.
Any thoughts on either this particular campaign on the progress Harry’s has made in the last few years?

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  1. Andy Strote
    Andy Strote June 8, 2006

    Perfect. Crisp black and white. No need to show items since the sale includes nearly everything in the store. The key to this is that it’s a private sale before the rest of the world knows – the subscriber’s reward. Also, like every good retailer, this includes an additional offer enticing you to buy more. And finally, the voice of Harry comes through in that swell phrase “sartorially confident”. Nicely done.

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