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CaseCamp – BarCamp For Marketers?

I just got a note from “Eli Singer”: of “CundariSFP”: letting me know about a _very_ interesting project he’s started called “CaseCamp”: It’s a new marketing community here in Toronto modelled after the “incredibly successful BarCamp”: style unconference movement.
Eli Singer
Whereas BarCamp is geek/tech-oriented, I think that CaseCamp is looking to forge new ground in helping Internet marketers connect, converse, commiserate, and… something else starting with a “c”. Hopefully geeks will feel as welcome to crash the CaseCamp party as suits have felt at BarCamp (i.e. very welcome).
The “inaugural CaseCamp”: is happening Tuesday evening, June 13th and features (as of now):
# Petro-Canada’s 2006 Online Olympic Promotion – One Degree’s own Kate Trgovac
# ‘Getting Started Segment’ – Personalized Microsites – Nicole Mondville, RBC Direct Marketing
# Starchitect Landing – Blogging at the AGO – Susan Bloch-Nevitte, Executive Director Public Affairs, AGO and organizer Eli Singer, Marketing Communications Strategist, Cundari SFP
# ????
Eli wanted me to point out that the last slot is still open and he’s hoping that some brave soul will be willing to step up and add their case study to the evening.
I’ll be there and I hope to meet _many_ One Degree readers at the first CaseCamp. You should “add yourself to the attendee list on the CaseCamp wiki”:

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  1. Mitch Joel
    Mitch Joel June 9, 2006

    I think Eli is really on to something. So much so, that I jumped in and (along with Eli’s help) started CaseCamp Montreal – which will be held on July 4th, 2006. You can sign up to attend, present or whatever over here: CaseCamp Montreal.

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