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Why the Hell Aren't You Blogging?

It’s been less than three months since I launched my Sweetmantra blog (and less than two months since I told anyone about it) and I can’t believe how many wonderful (and sometimes unexpected) things have already happened because of it:

  • I now dominate the Canadian and US Google search results for "Bill Sweetman." (This was not unexpected but I still didn’t think it would happen so quickly.)
  • I was invited to be an upcoming guest on Call For Help, an internationally syndicated television show. (Don’t worry, I’ll let you know more details nearer the time.)
  • I was asked to speak at a Canadian Marketing Association event about blogging.
  • I got mentioned (along with my blog) in seven other industry blogs.
  • I got several new business leads, including one from Kansas City, Missouri. Go figure.
  • I was contacted by a high school friend who now lives in Singapore and who I haven’t seen in over 20 years.
  • Not to mention the fact that my blog played host to 461 unique visitors from 9 different countries who looked at a total of 1,177 pages.

Suffice to say, I am overjoyed by the positive and positively remarkable responses to Sweetmantra. I’d also like to thank Ken Schafer for getting me warmed up to the idea of having my own blog by inviting me to be a contributor to the amazing One Degree and Mitch Joel for upping the ante by introducing me to the term "bloggus interruptus." In other words, they are to blame for this! Thanks guys.

If you don’t have your own blog yet, why not? Let me know what’s holding you back.


  1. Mike Warner
    Mike Warner June 21, 2006

    I agree… …why not?
    My blog is a very green 3-days old and I am still figuring out where it is going.
    Stay tuned…

  2. Grokodile
    Grokodile June 22, 2006

    Hokey crap!
    Good work on that list of accomplishments.
    I’d best sharpen my pencil and get cracking, because I simply have not been keeping up with the Joneses have I?
    Oh well, at least when faced with these situations I “get motivated” instead of “give up”!

  3. Ryan - RFD
    Ryan - RFD June 22, 2006

    I can’t stand the peer pressure anymore! I already maintain 2 blogs for work with another 1 coming soon, but I’ll finally launch my personal blog in the next couple of weeks.

  4. Kelly Rusk
    Kelly Rusk July 14, 2006

    That is fabulous! I have to say, I’m a little green with envy… we at cardcommunications launched a blog several weeks ago and we’re still waiting for some exciting results.
    Not to say we’re just waiting around, I did go list it on all the blog directories, tagged it with technorati, added the URL to my sig etc. I guess these things take time though!
    But your words are inspiring. Here’s to hoping for great things from blogging.

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