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Second Toronto CaseCamp Announced

Second Toronto CaseCamp Announced
It looks like “Eli Singer”: refuses to take the summer off. Hot on the heals of the incredibly successful “inaugural CaseCamp”: Eli is in pulling together “CaseCamp Toronto 2”:
Over 70 marketers came out to that first event and I think, if you are in the Toronto area, you really owe it to yourself to block off the evening of -Tuesday July 11- _Friday July 7th_ to make the scene and see what all the fuss is about.
*Update:* The date has changed to accommodate two special Case Presenters and to take advantage of a great new venue. Here’s the scope from the organizer of this event, Eli Singer:
bq.. Two outstanding presenters have signed on for the next event. They are Andrew Michael Baron, co-founder of Rocketboom (the immensely popular video podcast from New York) and Matt Blackett, editor of the Spacing Wire blog (arguably the most influential blog in Toronto).
To accommodate the busy schedules of these gentlemen, we’ve moved the event to Friday July 7th. It will be at the Jamie Kennedy Kitchen at the brand new Gardiner Museum. The space is stunning and so is the patio. We were missing out on some good food at the last event, so many thanks in advance to Aldo Cundari who is sponsoring hors deurves for all.
We are using the wiki to write a community press release which will go out to media mid next week. Please visit site and contribute.
Lastly, and importantly, we need two more presenters. If you’re on the fence, please call me to discuss what’s involved. Don’t be shy, step up and share.
p. While I won’t be there (because I’m supposed to be “fishin”) I’m hoping we get LOTS of One Degree readers representing for us at CaseCamp 2.

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