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Month: June 2006

Ken And Mitch's Excellent Podcast Adventure

Last week “One Degree contributor”:, “blogger”: and “Twist Image President”: was nice enough to interview me for “Six Pixels of Separation”: – his latest incarnation as a podcaster.
The podcast covers a bunch of interesting topics including “CaseCamp”: and “Second Life”: My interview is about 15 minutes long and covers some of my thinking about One Degree and Internet marketing in general.

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Are Portals Looking For New Territory?

If you look at the flurry of recent product, partnership and acquisition announcements from the major portal players, there is clearly a battle raging over the “entry points” to the web. And like those “Magic Eye”: “autostereograms”: that were all the rage in the 90’s, if you stare at the picture long enough, an image begins to emerge of where that battle is being fought and who is winning.
To illustrate the image I see in the “Magic Eye” of these announcements, I’ve come up with this humble little chart.
The idea is to show an opportunity progression where the bigger boxes represent a bigger entry point opportunity. By moving further up the chart (i.e. from the inside boxes to the outside boxes) you have an earlier entry point opportunity with users and thus have the opportunity to market your monetization strategy (search, localization, advertising) before the competition.

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