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Month: June 2006

30 Quick Wins For Any Site That Sells

Last week I presented at “Visa’s Big Thinking Conference”: (Thanks to “Rick Spence”: for the opportunity). My presentation was called “30 Quick Wins for Any Site That Sells”.
One of my basic premises is that most every site should “sell” – in the sense that it should be built to help people take an action – and because of that the presentation is fairly different from the typical “a bunch of stuff to think about for your e-commerce site”.
In the spirit of sharing I’ve decided to post all 100 slides along with my speaker’s notes here at One Degree for the benefit of those who were unable to attend.
You can download 30 Quick Wins For Any Site That Sells as a 100 page, 7MB PDF file here.

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DMA Jury Announced

Summer means it’s Digital Marketing Awards. The DMAs just announce their jury for this, their seventh year. Here’s who will be spending their summer looking at the best interactive campaigns from across the country in 20 categories…

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How Tennis Can Improve Your Marketing

Growing up as a bit of a tennis junkie, I always wanted to improve my game. I remember hearing an interview while I was a young lad (too long ago to remember if it was “Borg”: or “Connors”: who said a sure-fire way to improve is to play with those who are better than you.
Yes, I ended up getting my butt kicked on a regular basis by seeking out those who had more game than I did. It was humbling, but my game improved dramatically in short period of time.
Getting ahead in tennis is really no different than getting ahead in marketing. Today we are all empowered with infinite resources to move from good to great. We have open access to smart, passionate and involved people willing to share what they know, openly and freely, on the topic of your choice. Access is creating new conversations and bringing more people into the exchange, regardless of experience or job title. Sharing has increased, learning curves have shortened and new ideas are being generated. We are all better for it and that is a very good thing.

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Tucows To Acquire NetIdentity

Toronto’s Tucows Inc. today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Inc. (doing business as NetIdentity), a privately held, profitable business owning and managing a domain name portfolio that Tucows believes is one of the Internet’s largest collections of surname addresses. Details were just announced…

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Toronto CaseCamp, 24 Hours Later

Crossposted with Eli Singer.
CaseCamp has launched! With a crowd of 70 out on Tuesday in Toronto and 26 people already signed up for Montreal (awesome work taking point on this Mitch), you can be sure this is the start of something. Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered and presented.
The next Toronto event will be announced soon, but first, what is CaseCamp going to be about going forward? I think CaseCamp’s value is as an open and independent forum. Our challenge is finding the best ways to nurture those discussions for the overall benefit of our community.