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A Quarter of One Degree Visitors Use Firefox

If your site doesn’t work in “Firefox”: you might be causing more misery for your visitors than you imagine, particularly if you care about marketers, tech folk, early adopters and influencers.
Those in the know are much more likely to be using Firefox as their default browser when compared to the general North American population where Firefox use is “estimated”: at less than 10% penetration.
Here’s how One Degree users breakdown:
One Degree June 2006 Browser Stat chart
The “Other” is a mishmash of various flavours of Opera, Safari and Netscape. No sign of “Flock”: yet – maybe it calls itself Mozilla?


  1. Jay Goldman
    Jay Goldman July 9, 2006

    Looks like Flock sorta identifies itself as Mozilla and sorta as Flock. My recently installed 0.7.1 on Mac OS X reports its useragent as:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060620 Firefox/ Flock/0.7.1
    So it will probably show up as Firefox unless your stats tracker allows for finer grain searches. I hit this article in Flock so you’d have at least one data point 🙂

  2. Ryan - RFD
    Ryan - RFD July 10, 2006

    It’s about 38% FF at for the curious. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. That’s on 1.8 million sessions in June, so not a small sample size…

  3. Ken Schafer - One Degree
    Ken Schafer - One Degree July 10, 2006

    Jay, One Degree uses WebSideStory for stats and they seem to clean up the User Agent a bit so we’re not seeing Flock broken out right now.

  4. Ken Schafer - One Degree
    Ken Schafer - One Degree July 10, 2006

    Ryan, thanks for sharing! Anyone else care to share the browser stats for largesh Canadian web sites?
    Add you stats in the comments below or e-mail me directly and I’ll compile.

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