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Internet Marketing Is The Place To Be

Hello there Internet Marketer!
Do you find that you get kidded about your passion for all things online? Do the other marketers in the office call you “cyber-this” and “e-that” followed by a condescending sniff?
If so, take heart, those complacent know-it-alls NEVER get to see charts that look like this:
Ten Years of Quarterly IAB Stats
_(click through for a larger version)_
Holy crap! In ten years we went from NO industry to a US$4 BILLION PER QUARTER industry! Do you feel like things are going to slow down? I feel like we’re just getting going.
Please feel free to use this chart in your next presentation when you need to make a case for Internet advertising being here to stay. Hell, it’s not here to stay – it’s taking over the party! Stick it in PowerPoint and put it up on the big screen. Make the TV guys and the DMers salivate.
Let’s face it – it’s time for us to quit accepting our second class status as fair and proper. Time for a seat at the big people’s table if you don’t already have it.
If your company is not _seriously_ into making the Net the centre of your company’s marketing strategy, quit. Stop wasting your time and find a company that gets it.


  1. Barry Welford
    Barry Welford July 12, 2006

    That’s a great chart, Ken, and one we should all display wherever we can. I believe it’s only one aspect of the new way of interacting in society that is now supported by the Internet. I believe anyone who hasn’t dropped down from the trees on this is just not smelling the coffee, if mangled metaphors are allowed. 🙂

  2. Ken Schafer - One Degree
    Ken Schafer - One Degree July 12, 2006

    Thanks Barry!
    I totally agree that paid Internet advertising is just a very small piece of the puzzle. My guess is social media, natural search, persuasive site design, and multimedia content are having a HUGE impact on business but they’re harder to measure and put on a chart, so I’m going with the one with numbers.
    If anyone has an idea of a USEFUL way of creating compelling visual arguments for these NON-ad Net advantages, I’d love to hear about them. I’m not sure my standard Technorati “here’s how much the blogosphere is growing” slide really has that much of an impact on changing views.

  3. Don Lange
    Don Lange July 12, 2006

    Great chart. Although I’m not sure about the “make the DMers” salivate line. Most of the Clients who are using our SEM, SEO or e-mail services are true blue direct marketers who are enthusiastically embracing the net as part of their overall media mix. I think that salivation you see is just good old-fashioned drool!

  4. Ken Schafer - One Degree
    Ken Schafer - One Degree July 12, 2006

    Thanks Don!
    Glad to hear that direct marketers are getting on board. Personally I have great faith that DM folks will “get” the more response driven side of online stuff as they (should) go where the best ROI is and right now I’m thinking that is SEM and e-mail over DM or DRTV.

  5. Geof Harries
    Geof Harries July 12, 2006

    I’d love to see stats broken down by category: youth, young adults, baby boomers and so forth. That would really drive the point home.
    Being surrounded by old school marketers who staunchly believe that top of funnel (tv, radio, print) are still working and actually deliver “results” is such a headache. To be in the loop and still be labeled that e-marketing guy is hard to swallow day after day.
    I know I’m struggling with it and reaching my end point. To strike out on my own and grab a piece of the opportunity that I know is out there.

  6. Michael Seaton
    Michael Seaton July 14, 2006

    Right on Ken. Those who don’t get it are about to become the ones who’s only place in the meeting is to fetch the coffee and muffins.
    Seriously, what else is there besides online and digital?
    Who was it who said “If you hate change, you’ll hate being irrelevant even more”
    (sorry if I messed up the quote, it’s late!)

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