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1 Red Paperclip + 1 Year = 1 House

“Clipreneur” Kyle MacDonald “did it!”: Kyle (featured in a “Five Questions interview”: here at One Degree) took exactly one year (and a heap of viral buzz) to turn one red paperclip into a house via 14 trades.
Congrats to Kyle!
Web analytics fans will be interested to know that I found out about this when we started seeing tons of search traffic coming on searches for Kyle’s name and the term “one red paperclip”.


  1. Lex
    Lex July 12, 2006

    14 trades? Wow. I’d heard about this, but I assumed it had taken him hundreds of trades, not 14. That’s impressive.

  2. Mike Warner
    Mike Warner July 12, 2006

    As I sit behind my desk reading this blog, I start to wonder what I could get for my stapler?
    Maybe my Muskoka cottage isn’t such a dream afterall!!!

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