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Burton Cummings, eBay, Blogs, And A Good Cause

Bridle Bash II Poster
Over-the-top fundraisers have been a long standing tradition in Toronto but “Bridle Bash 2”: happening this weekend looks like it may become legendary.
Hosted in the backyard of a palatial Bridle Path estate and promising that “the best view of the show is in the pool” this intimate event (if a thousand people can be intimate) is raising funds for “Camp Oohigeas”:
Folks at “my day job”: have arranged for three pairs of tickets to be “auctioned off at eBay”: Given that the only other option for getting into this event is “buying a pair of Platinum tickets for $5,000”: and the cause being supported is a worthy one, we hope that people will bid _very_ generously.
The primary way we’re getting word out about this is via word of mouth and blogs. You may notice that, along with One Degree, Joey ‘Accordion Guy’ DeVilla “has picked up the cause”: as has Mathew Ingram who mentioned Bridle Bash on “his blog”: and at _his_ day job, “the Globe and Mail”: If you are blogging and can spread the word, we’d appreciate it.
Why mention this on One Degree?
# I want those of you with bigger bank accounts than I to get in on the bidding.
# It’s a good cause.
# I find the use of the Net in promoting and to some extent managing this event very interesting.
# Us using blogs as the primary buzz builders for the final few pairs of tickets struck me as something you wouldn’t have seen even a year or two ago but it now seems perfectly natural.
# “My personal blog”: has been sadly lacking in updates and as a result traffic has sagged since I started doing most of my posting here. I find it hard to blog in multiple places and the fact that I needed to post here instead of on my personal blog was a new insight for me. Since One Degree is a topic-specific site, how do I get the message out without creating an “off topic” category – something I’ve resisted for over a year?
Follow the links, find out more and give some serious thought to what you are doing this weekend. You might end up with a story you’ll be telling for decades!