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Eloqua Is Interesting

_This is part of our new “Interesting”: feature “we announced in April”: but then lost track of. If you have an “interesting” site you think we should feature let us know._
Recently I asked Shawn DeSouza at “Eloqua”: to explain what makes his company interesting.
*One Degree: Who needs you?*
Marketers at B2B organizations tasked with providing a continuous stream of high-quality leads to their sales force.
*One Degree: Why do they need you?*
In today’s competitive marketplace, marketers are under increased pressure to design and execute more effective marketing campaigns that generate revenue. Salespeople require a continuous flow of quality leads, and executives demand accountability in revenue terms. Marketers struggling to reach decision makers are shifting dollars from advertising to more direct and interactive tactics, using technology to improve results and accountability. They seek best practices in lead generation, development, qualification and distribution and tools that can transform isolated, random acts of marketing into coordinated, automated and measurable processes.

*One Degree: Why are you interesting?*
Eloqua provides the leading software platform for executing, automating and measuring effective business to business marketing programs. Eloqua’s product gives marketing and sales teams unprecedented visibility into prospect behavior, activity and interest throughout the entire sales process. It does this by integrating all the key components of the sales cycle together to create a seamless, automated and measurable process.
Eloqua tightly links all outbound direct marketing activity – including direct mail and email, with trackable Web assets like corporate websites, web forms, landing pages and email. It applies event-based automation to turn manual processes into efficient processes. It explicitly ties marketing activity at the top of the sales funnel to sales information commonly found in CRM software like Siebel, or Microsoft CRM. Eloqua makes marketing – particularly the ‘art’ of lead generation – a science that can be measured, optimized and understood by the sales organization.
*One Degree: How do you make money?*
Eloqua sells on-demand “software as a service” marketing automation products and services. Our customers chose Eloqua Conversion Suite to transform their marketing campaigns from art to science by building automated processes for lead acquisition, management, qualification, distribution and nurturing. In fiscal year 2005, the company reported 100 percent growth in revenue bookings. This growth momentum continued into Q1 2006, with Eloqua nearly tripling its bookings, posting a 158 percent gain over the same period in 2005.
*One Degree: What is your mission?*
Eloqua’s mission is to turn customer acquisition into a measurable and repeatable automated process.
*One Degree: Where are you?*
Eloqua Corporation is headquartered in Toronto with offices in London and throughout the United States.