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InfoQ Is Interesting

_This is part of our new “Interesting”: feature “we announced in April”: but then lost track of. If you have an “interesting” site you think we should feature let us know._
Recently I asked Floyd Marinescu, CEO & Co-founder of C4media and founder of “InfoQ”: to explain what makes his site interesting.
*One Degree: Who needs InfoQ?*
Professionals in the Enterprise Software Development community, including developers, architects, project managers, consultants, coaches, etc.
*One Degree: Why do they need you?*
InfoQ provides daily news and technical content for the Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, and Agile communities written by domain experts (instead of non-technical journalists). InfoQ also connects the audience to each other via lively discussions associated with current news and content. For professionals in this space, InfoQ is the only resource available that allows them to track what’s going on across these communities in one place.

*One Degree: Why are you interesting?*
InfoQ is not just an online news community, it is also a technological showcase of what a modern online community can be. InifoQ uses the latest cutting edge AJAX techniques to enhance the browsing experience – you can login, post messages, and click through different sections of the site without page refreshes. You can personalize to which topics you want to follow on InfoQ and that personalization will change the content you see and also the content you get in your personlized RSS feed. In particular, very few sites are offering personalized individual feeds.
*One Degree: How do you make money?*
We sell online advertising to companies interested in reaching the audiences on our site. Our initial founding sponsors include IBM, Oracle, BEA, Symantec, Compuware, Cassatt, and Terracotta.
*One Degree: What is your mission?*
InfoQ’s primary mission is to contribute to the evolution of the communities we serve.
*One Degree: Who are you?*
I am InfoQ’s co-founder and also CEO of C4Media, the startup that exclusively publishes InfoQ. Before that I created and managed Enterprise Java community for 5 years. TheServerSide became the largest Java community in the world with over 500,000 registered members.
*One Degree: Where are you?*
C4Media is incorporated in Canada and I live in Toronto. Our company however is a micro-national. We have 6 full-timers across Canada, the US, Romania, and China, as well as 7 part-time editors across Europe and the US.