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Month: August 2006

Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin

The folks at One Degree are taking an end-of-summer vacation. We’ll be back on our regular schedule starting right after Labour Day.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some summer reading, you might want to check out our 50 plus Five Questions interviews or peruse the All Time One Degree Top Twenty:

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  3. Two Weeks With Gordon and Frank
  4. Saw The Viral, Bought The T-shirt
  5. One Week With Gordon And Frank – So Much To Learn
  6. Big Problem With Google Pages
  7. What Google Earth and Google Video Download Pages Tell Us About Google
  8. What is Google Caribou?
  9. The Million Dollar Home Page
  10. What Is Buddytown?
  12. PR Disaster As Viral Opportunity?
  13. Crispin Porter Bogusky And That Viral Chicken
  14. How To: Track Offline and Online Leads With Unique URLs
  15. Under The Hood At
  16. Kraft Tries RecipeCasting
  17. How To: Add Spell-check To Your Domain Names
  18. Five Questions for Dave Balter, BzzAgent
  19. Some People Think Is Always Offline
  20. Ken Schafer Joins Tucows
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Five Questions For's Ambassador

One Web Day
To find out a bit more about “”: we decided to ask Five Questions of the site’s “Ambassador” Gavin Michael Booth.
*One Degree: One Web Day Ambassador is a pretty cool gig. How did you get such an exalted title?*
Like the lady of the lake throwing a sword to Arthur… the Masters of “CIRA”: passed on an email knighting me as Ambassador!
How that happened? Well in a quest to find the One Web Day Ambassador they were looking for someone who had the ability to host the daily video blogs as well as work behind the scenes to direct/edit the clips as the tour went from city to city. In addition to those two key items, they were looking for someone web savvy enough to have a firm grip on how important and how powerful a tool the Internet has become for Canadians. “FUSE Marketing Group”: and CIRA found me primarily through searching “MySpace which I actively use”:
I am owner of Mimetic Productions in Windsor, Ontario and work primarily as a feature film and music video director… as well as shooting tour videos for several high profile musicians. I’ve always utilized the web as Mimetic’s primary way to share our finished media and promotions for our films with the world. Blogs, behind the scenes video clips, a reality show focused on Mimetic’s challenges and triumphs, etc. All this made me a good candidate for the Ambassadorship!
*One Degree: Does the title come with any particular perks?*

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