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8 Google Videos That Reveal SEO Secrets

Recently, Google wunderkind “Matt Cutts”: was generous enough to hold an open question session on his personal blog. Interestingly, his solution to dealing with the overwhelming response he received was to field the questions using Google’s own video service.
Matt uploaded eight different video sessions to “Google Video”: covering his personal opinions on various search related topics (“starting with this disclaimer”:
Here’s the first video to get you started.

Here’s the full list:
# “Qualities of a Good Site”:
# “Some SEO Myths”:
# “Optimize For Search Engines Or Users?”:
# “Static vs. Dynamic URLs, Geo-targeting, etc.”:
# “How To Structure A Site”:
# “All About Supplemental Results”:
# “Does Webspam Use Google Analytics?”:
# “Google Terminology”:
Although the setting may make it look a little bit more like a ransom video than a tutorial, Matt provides some very interesting insights for anyone involved in SEO.