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Page Strength and Site Directories

A common question received in the SEO(search engine optimization) world is “what directories do you think I should pay to submit my site to?”
Many SEOs direct their clients to the most common and popular directories – but are they the “strongest”?
Recently “SEOmoz”: developed a “slick new tool”: that allows you to calculate what they refer to as your “Page Strength”. The tool was designed to provide you with a more accurate reflection of your site’s importance/visibility (and the contributing factors) than Google’s PageRank score.

More recently, the folks over at “Aviva Directory”: have applied the Page Strength Tool to a comprehensive “list of over 150 directories”: The idea being that inbound links from stronger directories will provide you with more boost for your submission dollar. Not surprisingly, it appears that “Yahoo”: and “DMOZ”: are the current champions, however, there are some other interesting results in the list.
If you are looking for directories to submit your site to and want to know what the strongest directories are, you should check out this list. Or, if you have a directory and you don’t see it on the list – send them an email to have it included (although you may want to check out your page strength first).


  1. Cars for Stars
    Cars for Stars September 15, 2007

    We really rate this tool, although our page strength is ostensibly less than our Google PR, we think it probably offers a more ‘balanced’ assessment of the sites worth and of course it keeps us on our toes.

  2. laptop battery
    laptop battery November 18, 2007

    Great tool. I think it’s better than the page rank.

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