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QotD – Can You Blog About Customers?

Today’s question of the day comes to us via a reader how wishes to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons):

Imagine you have a client who is making major mistakes in their approach to the Internet.

Is there any way you can blog about them and show the world this is not what to do without alienating or loosing the client?

Add your suggestions and comments below…


  1. Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson August 17, 2006

    I’m going to say definitely not on this one. If your client respects your counsel, they should listen to what you have to say in private. If they don’t, it may be time to let them go. By publicly outing them, you’re just embarassing them in front of your readership which probably won’t get them to change what they’re doing, but will probably make them lose trust in you – rightfully so, I’d say.
    On the other hand, if you can find other people saying bad things about their approach and show it to them, you’re alerting them of a problem and offering a solution.
    Bloggin about it would be like telling your best friend that he needs to break up with his girlfriend by taking out a billboard to announce it… probably not the most productive way to convince people.

  2. Cheryl Blakeney
    Cheryl Blakeney August 17, 2006

    If this client’s thinking disregards known issues and violates your business philosophy, position the information as a demonstration of your own thinking, not a reaction to his. A diplomatic discussion of your rationale that demonstrates the value of your skills and experience. A cautionary tale for others that doesn’t out him. Because it’s unlikely he’s unique.

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