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Kudos To Our August Sponsor – Cornerstone

Since we are just about to go on hiatus, I thought I’d make a quick post to give a *very big thank-you* to Don Lange at “Cornerstone”: for being One Degree’s first official sponsor this month.
I think this was a *very smart move* on Cornerstone’s part. Then again, I’m biased. 🙂
Search marketing is hot in Canada but most marketers I’ve spoken to are still at a loss to find people who can help them figure out how to take advantage of it. Cornerstone brings years of experience to this (their one of the largest companies in the traditional direct marketing industry in Canada) and that is something that few other companies in this _very_ new industry are able to do.
Thanks again for sponsoring One Degree for the entire month of August Don!
Sponsorship for September was booked a few days after Don decided to sponsor us in August – let’s hope this is a trend. Look for September’s sponsor “Got Corporation”: to be “taking over the site”: on the Labour Day weekend.

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  1. Don Lange
    Don Lange August 28, 2006

    It has been our pleasure (and profit) to sponsor One Degree. Business is booming at Cornerstone Search as last month we celebrated our 50th Client! Truth be told, that was several Clients ago. Thanks for your nod to our direct marketing background as well. It is our fundamental belief that Search is a response media and we approach all projects as living or dying by the conversion…although I can dreamily say I long for the day for a Client who only wants “branding” !

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