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Adrian Capobianco, VP of Interactive for FUSE Marketing Group, offered to give us some insights into a recent campaign, so we asked him 1.5 questions about…
*One Degree:* Adrian, what was the challenge “CIRA”: presented to “FUSE”: and how does “”: address that challenge?”
*Adrian Capobianco:* The opportunity was one that many One Degree readers will I’m sure be interested in. CIRA wanted to acknowledge September 22nd each year as a day to celebrate the positive impacts that the Internet has made on individuals and business.
The 2 key challenges were:
# We needed a way to make it relevant to the average Canadian.
# The program needed to be launched nation-wide in both official languages which meant a huge awareness building effort.
To address the first challenge we decided to send an Ambassador from coast to coast to coast to meet, interview and video a wide range of Canadians and present these interviews on the “”: site in an engaging national forum.
To address the second issue and help raise awareness we tapped into “partners”: who have helped us facilitate the tour as well as raise awareness of the program.
You can be the judge to see if we’ve made it compelling. Visit the site, see the tour, check out the education section, enter the contest for a chance to win free music downloads for a year and share your views by taking the polls while watching the tour videos.
I’d be interested in your feedback.