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Month: August 2006

Analytics Is Not An End In Itself

For many people, the term “Web Analytics” is meaningless or confusing. Not surprising since Web Analytics has been used to describe:
# The software and tools used to report about data
# The process of analyzing data
# The results and insights of the process
What’s the right answer?
All of the above!
It’s a means to an end. Think of Web Analytics as a combination of tools and analytical processes you can use to measure the results of your marketing efforts. Analysis uncovers new insights (aha’s!) into what you can do to kick your marketing performance up, one notch at a time.
How exactly is Web Analytics a means to an end? The end is a marketing goal. Dramatically higher campaign response perhaps? Web Analytics helps you analyze people’s behaviour and answer meaningful questions that move you forward to your goal, one step at a time.
Sometimes these steps are small, sometimes large. The more questions you ask and get answers to, the faster you’ll improve. Small changes, made frequently, lead to big gains.