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Month: September 2006

Reporting From CaseCampToronto 3

What a night. CaseCampToronto 3 was a riot.
Once again “Eli Singer”: organized a great event at the hip Fifth Club. This is third one under his belt with others spawning off in Montreal and Vancouver. The “CaseCamp”: concept is proving to be no flash in the pan.
Hats off also to the folks at “Cundari”: and “Microsoft”: for supporting the event financially with no strings attached (i.e. no boring product pitches). Cundari also graciously picked up the food and bar tab as well.
Having attended the previous two CaseCamps as a member of the peanut gallery, I decided to step into the line of fire and present the “Greatest Escapes campaign”: that “we”: are currently running.
The questions, comments and feedback from the audience were great. For example, one person suggested adding a sense of urgency to our campaign to drive higher conversion. And the beauty is that I didn’t have to pay a consulting fee or run a test group to get feedback. Excellent ROI for a 15 minute presentation.


QotD – How Much Visitor Information Can We Share?

Today’s QotD is directly related to you, our esteemed reader, and me, the publisher of One Degree:

Through the email addresses of our subscribers and the IP addresses of site visitors we can create a list that reads like the who’s who of Internet marketing agencies and clients in Canada. I’d love to publish these to show potential sponsors the quality of our readership. But I hesitate because the information, while general and aggregated, seems like something people might consider sensitive. For example, I could say “people from FedEx and BlastRadius visit our site weekly.” Is that an invasion of privacy and inappropriate disclosure?


BTW, the feedback here will largely make the decision for me on what I do in fact publish – so make your case if you feel strongly one way or the other!