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CaseCamp Heads West to Vancouver!

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Are you a Vancouver-based marketer or PR flack who is intrigued by the unconference movement, but is worried that “BarCamp”: and the like are a little too geeky? Well, come out and test the waters at “CaseCampVancouver!”:
Hot on the tails of the success of “CaseCampToronto”: and “CaseCampMontreal”:, CaseCampVancouver holds its inaugural session on Tuesday, September 26 at the Republic in downtown Vancouver.
We’re changing up the format a bit, so we can fit in a few more cases. So folks will be restricted to 10 minutes of presentations and not the usual 15 (I think our attention spans are a little shorter out here in lotus-land).
While some of Vancouver’s best and brightest are locked and loaded, there are still two presenter spots left as well as plenty of room for attendees. Sign-up on the “CaseCamp wiki”: and let us know you’re coming! If you have any questions, you can “contact me”: or “Joy Boyson”:, the driving force behind getting CaseCamp to Vancouver.
Hope to see all of you there!

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  1. Joy
    Joy September 7, 2006

    Yes, join us 🙂
    This is a great venue in a great city with fantastic people who are willing to share unbiased (hopefully!), honest and insightful stories of their adventures and misadventures in marketing and technology.
    A good time will be had and you will be able to say that you attended the 1st CaseCamp in Vancouver — oh, just think of the glory!

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