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Poor Kraft. 
I’m sure they had the best of intentions when they decided on as their official Canadian online home.  And I’m sure they felt great getting registered so they could collect up any consumers that didn’t get the memo that Kraft prefers 20 character urls to 8 character ones.
Then that party-pooper search marketing superstar Andrew Goodman has to go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like:

Ken Schafer over at One Degree could spend half his life chronicling maddening Canadian corporate website gaffes. Luckily though, I’m pitching in, so he’ll have time for his day job.
Check out It’s not that they don’t know and can’t redirect you to the actual site,, it’s just that they haven’t bothered. Hey, you can cut and paste that URL, right? Unless you are like 33.8% of visitors to that page, who will simply leave thinking the site is broken.
No, it never redirects in any of the major browsers. 🙂
Incidentally, this nearly-blank domain/page/site has a PageRank of 5! Sweet!

It’s true, here is the entire site you get when you go to


I thank Andrew for saving me the work but I can’t help but point out that (i.e. without the dub-dub-dub) doesn’t resolve at all, making them 3 and 0 from my point of view:

  1. Picked longer domain name than they had to
  2. Didn’t properly redirect typos and domain variants to the official site
  3. Don’t allow people to skip typing www

Kraft, you have replaced old standby
as my
example of embarrassing corporate web gaffes! Feel free to email me
when you’ve fixed them and we’ll find a new example. 🙂

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  1. Tom
    Tom September 11, 2006

    Well we are picking on them, their site also has browser compatibility issues. In FireFox (25 – 30% of audience), the left navagation of their site cuts into the top.
    If you want to get really anal… their HTML code has 108 validation errors on the first page alone.
    This Page also Breaks in FireFox:
    I am sure I could find more…

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