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Steve Jobs Stole My Traffic!

Tuesday mid-afternoon I decided to take a few minutes out of the work day to check out “all the buzz”: about the “Apple Special Event”: where Steve Jobs rolled-out the “latest iPods”:
Little did I know that while I was doing this, *everyone else on the palent was doing the same thing!* Turns out almost *no one* came to One Degree during the peak of the event and post-event reporting.
Check out our hourly stats:
Steve Jobs Stole My Traffic
The yellow line shows the average Tuesday traffic over the last few months and the blue bars show actual traffic. Instead of over 250 visitors at 2:00PM we had less than 40.
I’d be interested to hear from others what happened to _their traffic_ Tuesday afternoon. I know that Apple and Tech sites like “Engadget”:, “TUAW”:, and “Gizmodo”: were hammered by traffic but it never occurred to me that the _lack of traffic_ would be pronounced enough to see!

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  1. wootam!
    wootam! September 15, 2006

    My apologies.
    Priorities, man.. priorities!

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