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Kudos To Campaigner – Our October Sponsor

Special thanks to the wonderful folks at Got Corporation – makers of Campaigner – for their support of One Degree. For the last month you’ll surely have noticed their shiny, happy ads all over One Degree. If you haven’t already visited their site to find out what they’re up to and how they might help you, this would be a good time to check out Campaigner for yourself.

Our -November- October sponsors are waiting in the wings. Who will it be, who will it be?

Doh. Apparently I’m living in the future. Campaigner was our September Sponsor and our October Sponsor is waiting in the wings.

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  1. Jonathan Aizlewood
    Jonathan Aizlewood October 10, 2006

    Ken, I feel this is a great opportunity to let your readers know that we got some great results from sponsoring OneDegree for the month of September (albeit with banner ads!), and I highly recommend it as a great, surefire way to reach the savvy Canadian marketers who visit OneDegree looking for their dose of marketing know-how and insights. Thanks again.

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