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Welcome Arieh Singer – One Degree's 1st Assistant Editor

For the better part of two years now I’ve been running One Degree pretty much as a one-man show. Yes “Neil Lee”: was instrumental in bringing the (I think) stunning design of One Degree to life, and the site would be *much* less interesting without the over 30 Contributors that have written for One Degree. But when it came to editing, posting, approving comments, responding to advertisers and following up on reader feedback, it was all me.
But no more!
Last week “Arieh Singer”: joined the team as our new Assistant Editor. Arieh will be taking on a lot of the administrative and copy editing role I’ve played since we launched. That should free me up to a) get more Contributors contributing more, b) providing more insights myself, and c) hustling up even more Sponsors. We’ve got a _lot_ of ideas about where we want to take One Degree in 2007 and having Arieh and our extended community of Contributors is a big shot in the arm for those plans.
So, welcome Arieh! Feel free to drop Arieh a line at and let him know what you’re thinking.
_(Oh, and just so you know, Arieh is working on One Degree part-time and is looking for a full-time gig now that he’s returned from almost a year abroad. Smart companies will be looking to hire Arieh (Eli Singer’s little brother) pronto.)_


  1. Eli Singer
    Eli Singer October 16, 2006

    Hey hey hey, congrats! Have a great time Arieh.

  2. Marc Poirier
    Marc Poirier October 16, 2006

    Excellent, Arieh could send me his resume if Montreal is an option for him.

  3. ANON
    ANON October 16, 2006

    is it really you ?
    i cannot tell from the photo
    is this some covert activity?

  4. Mueller
    Mueller October 18, 2006

    arieh! great news.. hope to see u soon – my friend wesley willis wrote this song for you as congratulations for your new gig. i had to edit it a bit but hopefully you get the idea – best of luck at onedegree!
    Arieh Singer
    by Wesley Willis
    Arieh Singer is excellent.
    I like Arieh Singer a lot.
    I like you a lot in the long run.
    About 21600 people like Arieh Singer.
    You are a star.
    You really whoop a llama’s ….
    You can really get in the groove.
    I like you a lot in the long run.
    Right on brother.
    You really whoop a snow lepoard’s …
    You can really rock out.
    You really whoop a llama’s …
    Rock over London,
    Rock on Chicago.
    American Airlines – we mean business in Chicago.

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