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Frank & Gordon Are Dead. Long Live Gordon & Frank

We here at One Degree have built a little cottage industry out of following the online adventures of Gordon & Frank.

As you may recall, the Bell Beavers first started appearing around Superbowl 2006.  At the time I noticed that while Bell had built a custom site for their mascots and they had forgotten to register the transposed names  –  I pointed that domain to my One Degree post on the topic and within a few days we had a major story on our hands.

Rumour has it that word of this oversight and our coverage of it went all the way to Michael Sabia’s office.

Now we move to the next chapter.

It appears that a few weeks ago Bell decided that, since the awareness campaign for Frank and Gordon was over, the micro-site for their spokes-beavers was no longer required.

So they just took it down.


No redirects, no "sorry but we’re not here anymore", no pointing it to the home page.  Nothing.
So it looks like it’s "Frank & Gordon Are Dead. Long Live Gordon & Frank". now points to a new Frank and Gordon Category

We promise we won’t overload you with Bell Beaver minutia but we will give you occasional updates on how the beavers are being used – particularly in an online context.


  1. Barry Welford
    Barry Welford October 16, 2006

    Well done, Ken. I’m sure this story has quite a way to go yet.
    For me it’s a graphic illustration of the lack of understanding about the nature of the Internet. The Internet isn’t just a way of delivering sales collateral. The Internet is all about communication, about making links between people, about developing dialogues.
    When you’ve established links then you should build on them. It’s a great asset you’ve created. You should make that asset perform. It’s a pity that Bell didn’t understand that.

  2. Sulemaan Ahmed
    Sulemaan Ahmed October 16, 2006

    Great article Ken. However given all the recent news events (Bell becoming a trust), I’m not sure this will be high on the totem pole for them. Pity.

  3. Tyler Schwartz
    Tyler Schwartz October 16, 2006

    I work in the field of “character branding” … that is, building brand ambassadors that people can relate to. People often can’t relate to giant corporations, but they can relate to corporate ambassadors like Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald, etc, etc.
    For the past six months I’ve been pointing to Bell’s Frank and Gordon launch as a home run. But it looks like they’ve totally dropped the ball! Building great brand ambassadors takes a long-term commitment (like a lifetime!), not six months. Hopefully Bell will figure this out and pick up the ball quickly.

  4. Mitch Joel
    Mitch Joel October 16, 2006

    I dropped an email to some of my friends who work for the property. They have sent it on to the people responsible… let’s see what comes back 🙂

  5. Patrick Ouellette
    Patrick Ouellette October 17, 2006

    Nice work,
    living in Montreal, I see more of the french conterpart of this Bell campaing. Frank & Gordon are named “Jules” & “Bertrand” in french. I have noticed that Bell took the time to redirect the domain name to the landing page of shopping section. Maybe someone can tell me if there was also a french micro-site for the Bell Beavers. Bell did not forget to register the transposed names in french, but did not take the time to redirect it properly.
    It’s strange to see that Bell managed the english and french versions of their campaing differently.

  6. Lex
    Lex October 25, 2006

    It’s kind of nuts how they are “handling” these brand ambassadors.
    Just to add to the mess, when I was in Ottawa at least one Bell kiosk was selling stuffed Frank or Gordons dressed as surgeons to fund raiser for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. I return home to blog about it and find this post.
    It’s almost as if the beavers are cutting deals themselves without talking to the agency.

  7. Ken Schafer - One Degree
    Ken Schafer - One Degree October 25, 2006

    It’s almost as if the beavers are cutting deals themselves without talking to the agency.
    Ha! Quote of the day!

  8. Barry
    Barry November 21, 2006

    I want the old site back
    I love frank & gordon…I even have the gordon beaver that I bought at the Bell store…THEY ROCK

  9. Chris
    Chris December 1, 2006

    Hey all, The feedback, good and bad, about Frank and Gordon is great!
    As someone pointed out, they were a home run for Bell, but have not been around all that much lately. The ball has not been dropped at Bell, it’s just their intro campaign has ended. Trust me, you have not seen the end of Frank and Gordon. Even with the imminent income trust conversion, the branding and marketing team are still around and have surely not forgotten 🙂
    Plus I’ve seen a NEW F & G commercial 3 weeks ago (for unplugged). And x-mas is just around the corner, I’m sure there will be a cute and hilarious holiday commercial. (And hopefully a Santa beavers for sale at their “Bell World” stores)
    Also, as someone else pointed out, they did their homework on the French version, I guess it was just an oversight on their part.
    I can’t really blame them for pulling it right away when they knew they could not have the other domain name. It would be risky to advertise one and have people confuse it and go to the other site (especially when they do not have domain control). I think that is more of a risk to the brand than anything. It was a wise decision to pull the website (when you look at the big picture)
    I think whom ever owns the reverse domain should give it back to Bell. As we want the Frank and Gordon’s site back!! (Or maybe start a campaign for a charity and x funds will go to the charity in return for the web site)
    Either way Frank and Gordon are not done yet, didn’t you see the first commercial, they have a contract, just like the one you signed for your cell 🙂
    And they have benefits, do you think big Bell is gonna let a couple of beavers get away with a free ride :p
    Great forum, please give me feedback if you have some to give!!

  10. Chris
    Chris December 2, 2006

    There is a new hilarious Bell x-mas commercial with Frank and Gordon. It’s pretty good; for all you frank and gordon fans out there

  11. Ron Wagnell
    Ron Wagnell December 5, 2006

    Does anyone know where you can buy/get posters of Frank & Gordon or anything else…. Thanks

  12. Chris
    Chris January 9, 2007

    You can inquire into purchasing beavers and other swag at your local bell world store (give them a call though)
    If not you can try and call 310-BELL
    Calling the retail “Bell World” stores first would be the best idea.

  13. sandy oneil
    sandy oneil March 8, 2007


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