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Bryan Eisenberg On Getting to Know Your Customers

This 2:16 video features Bryan Eisenberg, author of “Waiting for Your Cat to Bark”:, talking about how marketers need to know their target customers and needs better.

_Recorded at the Canadian Marketing Association’s Digital Marketing Conference in Toronto, October 19th, 2006._

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  1. June Macdonald
    June Macdonald October 25, 2006

    Eisenberg speaks in this clip about the fear marketers have in not appealing to the masses. This is the same issue I’ve had in email opt-in discussions where people didn’t want to make it a) easy to opt out or b) want to send the same message to everybody.
    The lesson is the same, that your message in appealing to a mass audience gets watered down to the point where you can’t convert. It’s hard not to succumb to the pressure to reach as many people as possible versus working on converting one segment at a time… an observation, not a magic answer.

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