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Yahoo! Picks Up…Talent That Is

“Yahoo! Search Marketing Canada”:!brandsimple&b=75, slated for public release in early 2007, has brought on new and innovative talent to provide Canadian marketers with a fully integrated marketing solution.
In a press release, Kerry Munro, General Manager of Yahoo! Canada, noted how “this team of industry professionals and search marketing experts will provide an efficient and effective transition to our new search platform, and these new technologies and features will make it easier for marketers to understand the performance of their search advertising campaigns and experiment with the medium in an effective, insights-driven way.”

New additions to the team include:
*Martin Byrne: Director – Yahoo! Search Marketing Canada*
With 15 years experience building online brands and businesses for Canadian and international organizations, Martin is responsible for expanding all of Yahoo!’s search marketing business in Canada.
*Iain Wilson: Director – Search and Partnership –Yahoo! Search Marketing*
Imported from Yahoo! Europe, Iain has extensive experience working with search engines, and is responsible for seeking out new partner acquisitions to help distribute Yahoo! Search and other YSM Products.
*Maor Daniel: National Marketing Manager – Yahoo! Search Marketing*
Previously an Associate Director responsible for Customer Strategy & Marketing, Maor’s multilingual skills will be employed in acquisition and retention strategies for small & medium sized businesses in French and English speaking Canada.
*Andy Renieris: Product Manager – Yahoo! Search*
Andy joined the Yahoo team in 2005 as Product Manager for Search, leading the Canada Search International Team, and has previous experience working with MSN and Sympatico-Lycos Inc. Andy will be managing the YST (Yahoo! Search Technology)
*Carolyn Cramer: National Sales Manager – Yahoo! Search Marketing*
With previous background in national sales from other internet companies like AOL Canada, Carolyn is responsible for not only meeting set revenue objectives, but also leading the Canada Search sales team and integrating search with Media Sales.

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