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Reporting On Canada's Top 10 Brands

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the Breakfast of Brand Champions 2006 held at the Rotman School of Management.   This is the annual survey of the best brands in Canada, as voted by industry people, and is run by Cundari SFP, The Strategic Councel, and Canadian Business.

Before listing this year’s winners the audience was treated to a breakdown of 8 attributes of good brands, followed by presentations by three of the winning brands.  The presentations were informative, and all geared towards positive branding.

The 8 Attributes of Good Brands

  • Consistency
  • Distinctive
  • Trust
  • Employee Commitment
  • Authentic
  • Reinventing the Customer Experience
  • Culturally Embedded
  • Communitarian (both in quality and equity)

The most valuable idea I extracted from all the presentations was that in order for a brand to succeed it must create a unique customer experience, and deliver it consistently across all touch points with customers.  All the brands presented in the morning delivered such an experience in their own unique way, and is the reason to their success.  Online is no different, as the online experience needs to be consistent with the brands offline presence.  This is our challenge as online marketers, as we strive to create our digital footprint.

The event was a success, and in the upcoming week One Degree will be posting feature videos and recaps from the day’s presentations. Below, the information you have been aching for;  The top 10 brands in Canada, as presented by Jeannette Hanna and Tim Woolstencroft.

Top 10 Brands in Canada

  1. Tim Horton’s
  2. Canadian Tire
  3. WestJet
  4. Cirque Du Soleil
  5. President’s Choice
  6. Molson Canadian
  7. Loblaw’s
  8. Bell / Bell mobility
  9. TD Canada Trust
  10. Shoppers Drug Mart


  1. Rob Hyndman
    Rob Hyndman November 9, 2006

    There appears to have been a mistake – mesh is nowhere on this list (not to mention in the top 5).

  2. Richard
    Richard November 14, 2006

    There is one specific brand in there that makes a person raise their eyebrow. Really? Top 10 eh? Man alive. 🙂

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