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Brand Champions – WestJet

Richard Bartrem, Director of Brand and Communications, at WestJet presented the companies’ 6 core values, and how they correlated to the brands’ success.  The big take-away from this presentation is how WestJet has redefined its customer experience by establishing a customer-first mentality.  The introduction of new features to enhance the customer experience, while still adhering to its core values, has, as demonstrated by Richard, allowed WestJet to improve its market share significantly.

6 Core Values of WestJet

  1. Safety
  2. Positivity and passion
  3. Appreciative
  4. Fun and friendly
  5. To align customer and corporate interests
  6. Honesty and openness

Reinforcing that WestJet’s culture is a main reason why customers first begin flying, and working, for the company, and is the foundation of the brand.  In his presentation Richard described how the brand was:

  • Built on employee and guest orientation and pride
  • Had a corporate commitment to keeping its cultural presence and reputation
  • Achieved its cultural commitment though an advisory board, coined a ‘culture team’, responsible for evaluating the brands culture, as well as incentives such as the company’s profit share with its employees.

In the video below, Richard describes how the Internet has allowed them to test new features and services, bettering the ability to cater to flyers.  The interests in connecting with the individual are paramount for WestJet, and are one of the reasons why they were awarded the position as 3rd best brand in the country.

(If you’re reading this in your feedreader you won’t see the video, but you can catch it by clicking here.)

One Comment

  1. Frequent Flyer
    Frequent Flyer November 13, 2006

    Nice post Arieh.
    Westjet has done a lot of things right. But it will take time before they have credibility regarding to the #6 core value regarding honesty and openness.
    The whole recent corporate espionage issue with Air Canada they admitted to has taken the shine off them.
    It could have been a lot worse for WJ if people didn’t hate Air Canada so much given their ongoing arrogrance.

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