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Brand Champions – Molson Canadian

Rob Assimakopoulos, Vice President Marketing at Molson Canada, presented new marketing strategies involving mobile phone technologies, and their integration with brand contests.  His interesting presentation on a Canadian brand recognized by its marketing and branding strategies yielded an important thought the audience should take note of.  Rob’s most important comment was acknowledging that in order for a website to be a success it must create a conversation which customers really want to be a part of.

In his video interview, Rob notes how “the online medium is really a conduit for collaboration with the beer drinker and the brand.”  This theme is concurrent with other professionals, and specifically with David Weinberger’s lecture at the CMA’s DMC last month, where he noted that the web has begun to be a content-creation utility, and not just a resource.  For a website to be successful it must create a valuable experience in which customers use the provided tools to create content or dialogue.

In his presentation Rob outlined the difference at Molson, noting how the company:

  • Practices good housekeeping
  • Is socially responsible
  • Manages its talent to remain within the company

Further to this, Rob discussed three attributes that Molson is dedicated to.

  1. Inventory pipeline – Quality and service through the entire process
  2. Recyclable bottles, charity, and community events
  3. Growing talent within the company

In the video below Rob discusses how Molson has used cellular technologies in their marketing mix, and integrated it with the Molson Canadian website.  He concludes by discussing the good and bad of website content, and how his company, like many others, struggle to find the best mix to drive traffic. Keep up the great work, and Cheers!

(If you’re reading this in your feedreader you won’t see the video, but you can catch it by clicking here.)