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Dreamhost Talks Affiliate Marketing

I’ve long been impressed by the success of Dreamhost’s affiliate marketing program, so when I had a chance at ISPCON to talk to Josh and Dallas – co-founders of Dreamhost – I had to ask about the program. They gave some really candid insights. Enjoy!

(If you’re reading this in your feedreader you won’t see the video, but you can catch it by clicking here.)


  1. Jeff Ginsberg
    Jeff Ginsberg November 15, 2006

    We were huge fans of Dreamhost!!!
    But at the end of the day I think service companies who do not offer phone support will suffer in the end.
    I went from Dreamhost to BlueGenesis (huge difference in support 1-800 ask all the questions you want) and then to Peer1 (almost as good as BlueGenesis in the support area…way better product offering).
    At then end of the day someone may have a great affiliate program…but I could never see myself selling or recommending a company who’s services I didn’t use or value myself.

  2. Arieh Singer
    Arieh Singer November 15, 2006

    I use dreamhost for my personal webhosting. Despite the fact that they do not offer phone support, I have sent them emails and they have called me back.
    We host about a dozen URL’s on the site, with more bandwidth and server space than we know what to do with. Configuration and one-click install are also a plus. It is really good for a tech-savvy guy like me.

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