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A CaseCamp Invitation & Second Life Top-10 List

I have never logged into Second Life.  And as much as I consider myself part of the social media revolution, Second Life has always seemed too fringe for me.  But I’m very excited to try something new, and I invite the OneDegree community to join Bryan, Kate, CC & I in Second Life on December 14th for a virtual CaseCamp on Crayonville Island.

CaseCamp (background) has always been about experiential learning for marketers – case studies about what others have done, how it’s worked, and how learnings can be applied in other situations. CaseCampSecondLife will take this learning to the next level because the environment itself, the interactions, and the community will be something entirely new for many. I encourage anyone out there who has ever been interested in testing this world out to sign-up.  And contact me (Eli – 416-566-2322), or any of the event organizers, if you have questions.  I’m a newbie at this too, we can work it out together.

To put all the recent developments, announcements and hype about Second Life in context, I present:

The 10 Oldest BoingBoing Second Life Posts

  1. I’ll be at a virtual book-club meeting in gamespace this Sunday (Sept. 03)
  2. Virtual ‘Burning Man’ realm in online world of Second Life (Sept. 03)
  3. Real property rights to virtual game objects (Nov. 03)
  4. What happens when you give gamers intellectual property rights? (Dec. 03)
  5. Body language and facial expressions in MMOs (July 04)
  6. Virtual Oz theme-park created in online game (July 04)
  7. Universities offering classes inside of MMOs (Sept. 04)
  8. Virtual schizophrenia comes to Second Life (Sept. 04)
  9. MMO character run by nine profoundly disabled players (Dec. 04)
  10. Preserving tribal heritage with online games (Feb. 05)
  11. Bonus for Cory: Contest to produce in-game book based on Cory’s next novel (Mar. 05)

One Comment

  1. Bryan Person,
    Bryan Person, November 16, 2006

    So pleased you’re on board with us in organizing this. We think that CaseCamp in Second Life is the perfect kind of event to hold for marketers and business communicators.
    And we also want more Second Life “newbies” like you, as well as folks that are either curious or skeptical about the space, to give CaseCamp Second Life a look-see. We believe it will be well worth their time.
    –Bryan Person
    CaseCamp Second Life organizer

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