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Brand Champions – Tim Hortons

What makes your brand the number one brand in Canada for the third consecutive year? Nick Javor, Sr. Vice President – Corporate Affairs, at Tim Hortons was kind enough to share his thoughts on why Tim’s has been so successful. The main tenants of his presentation noted that the key to the brands success was its ability to communicate its relationships with both its franchisees and customers, while at the same time staying true to its roots.  The audience should have taken away that these positive relationships are in fact ongoing dialogues which began when the company was created in 1964.

Throughout Nick’s presentation he stressed the brands partnership with the community, but it is this dialogue which has kept Tim’s as Canada’s number one brand three years in a row, and has  rooted itself firmly in the Canadian identity.  Nick’s message was loud and clear; Positive and engaging conversations with customers and franchisees are a key factor to the company’s success, and crucial in continuing to command the number one spot amongst Canada’s Brand Champions.

  • The core issues Nick outlined in his presentation noted how Tim Horton’s:
  • Communicates that it is an unpretentious, friendly, honest, and dependable brand
  • Has a strong relationship with its franchise partners
  • Creates innovative products
  • Has a price value proposition

He continues in the video below that Tim Hortons has begun utilizing the web as an information outlet for the company.  More than just your basic corporate website, Tim’s has utilized the site to  disseminate messages which they cannot deliver at the store level.  Watch the video to hear how the response has been.