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Illumination 2006 – A Direct Marketing Recap

I had the privilege of attending yesterday’s Canadian Marketing Associations Direct Marketing Conference in downtown Toronto. The conference was filled with dynamic presentations with both American and Canadian perspectives, as well as the option for attendees to chose between two simultaneous presentations, each with different topics. Presenters highlighted the many different facets of direct marketing, and really exemplified the media neutral nature the conference.

The most important concept marketers should have drawn from the presentations and discussions is to think outside of notions of conventional direct marketing, and really expand your horizons. The multitude of successful real-world marketing strategies presented at the conference illustrated how to marry mediums like direct mail with online video, or partnering with other companies to share like-minded customer bases. Innovative techniques illustrated positive ROI, and showed how to successfully integrate a multitude of mediums to yield positive results.

This week One Degree will feature profiles of some of the presenters, as well as interviews and discussions on new direct marketing strategies. In the meantime, check out photos from the event on our Flickr Set.