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QotD: Can A Video Card Have Friends?

A while ago Matt Williams sent me this…

    I was just downloading the latest nVidia drivers for my new GFX card and guess what? nVidia has their own MySpace page. Is this a new, serious marketing medium? I always thought of MySpace to be a social networking site, but how do you socialize with a corporation that manufactures graphics cards? Are they just out there to get people who use their cards to be “friends” to advertise the strength of their product? Are they hoping that the friends of these people will see their buddies using the nVidia cards and follow suit?

So, let’s help Matt out here folks. What do you think of the nVidia Myspace page and the concept of companies engaging in social networks this way. Comment below and share your wisdom…


  1. John Boxall
    John Boxall November 28, 2006

    Case and point:
    Apple Student Group on Facebook,
    With respect to nVidia though, look at the comments on their myspace page – hard core nVidia users are posting pictures of their setups. nVidia’s myspace page have brought a vast different group of people together who share a common thread – a love for creating blazingly fast computers. Through the nVidia myspace page these users can connect and interact. Would these guys meet on nVidia’s home page? I don’t think so : )
    Now if that’s not social networking, I don’t know what is!

  2. Jason Hinton
    Jason Hinton November 28, 2006

    I’ve always thought this type of use of social media was counter productive, but using the number of friends that Nvidia has I may be wrong. But does the number of friends equal any tangible benefit? I doubt it.

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