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Month: November 2006

5 Questions For Crayon – A New Marketing Company

Crayon is billing itself as “A New Marketing Company.” It is the brainchild of Life After The 30-Second Spot author, Joseph Jaffe (who also happens to Blog over at Jaffe Juice and Podcast over at Across The Sound). Jaffe is joined by the For Immediate Release co-hosts, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson, along with Podsafe Music dude, C.C. Chapman (who also recently launched his own marketing Podcast, Managing The Gray). One Degree fired them each a question and then got them all to answer a final one together. Here’s what they said… The first question should be why was I willing to help promote a marketing agency that is not Twist Image (my own)? It’s a great question if you didn’t know that I consider the principles of Crayon to all be personal friends. We’ve even managed to meet in person on more than a handful of times. It’s that kind of social media power that led Joseph Jaffe, Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson and C.C. Chapman to not only launch their new agency, Crayon, together, but they are running their head office out of Second Life (which seems much easier than trying to get people from Connecticut, Massachusetts, California and England all in a room at the same time). Crayon launched with a significant amount of fanfare – which took place in Second Life, but for now, One Degree stuck with some real life questions.

One Degree: Why does the world need Crayon?

Joseph Jaffe: The world needs honesty, integrity, transparency, conversation and community. If crayon can play any part in helping make that a reality, I would consider myself as having been successful. There is a “collective consciousness” which is rising at an unprecedented rate. People want to make a difference. People want to focus on the stuff that matters. Selling stuff will always be important but not at the expense of humanity. That is what crayon is all about. Helping brands stand for something that counts…eliminating the fluff, false promises and hyperbole and in its place, create relevant and meaningful context and experiences. And if the world needs that, then hopefully the world will need Crayon.

One Degree: What do marketers need to know about Podcasting?

C.C. Chapman: They need to realize know that podcasting is a direct connection to the eyes and ears of their consumers and the population at large. It’s appointment based consumption of audio and video that is controlled and selected by the individual. It’s easier to push the skip button then it ever was to change the channel, so it’s critical that the content be engaging and appropriate to what the consumer was told it would be. You only get one chance to do it right so take the time to play it out ahead of time and then push forward.

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Bubbleshare Bought By News Corp For MySpace?


Word on the street is that the way-cool Toronto-based photo-sharing app Bubbleshare has been purchased by News Corp. and will be incorporated into MySpace as a future feature.

Apparently the team has already move to California to work on integration. We’re trying to confirm this now.

If this is the case this will be a second success for founder Albert Lai who we interviewed about Bubbleshare as part of our Five Questions feature.