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Month: November 2006

Podcasting's Perfect Storm

Sebastien Chorney is head of operations at Podzapper, a producer of branded digital media for the online and mobile space. Sebastien has a long background in audio and music production, and is a consummate storyteller.

One Degree: Sebastien, my guess is that humans can only absorb so many podcasts into their lives. I’ve been listening to podcasts pretty much since “Doc” and “Dave” got the ball rolling but it’s rare that a new podcast unseats the 20 or so I subscribe to in iTunes and already have trouble keeping up with. Does this give an advantage to early adopters that “late comers” (in a two year old industry?!) will have a hard time overcoming or is there a way for future podcasters to unseat my current favourites?

Sebastien: I think there’s a bit of a perfect storm going on in the podcasting or “media on demand” world right now that strongly favours the so-called late comers. There are probably three main reasons: one having to do with content, one with distribution and the other with demand on the consumer side.

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