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Innovator Challenge Innovates With Video

RBC has, ironically, gotten innovative with their 2006 Innovator Challenge, and put together a neatly integrated site, complete with embedded video. The prize, a heafty $20,000, is part of a contest to where students compete to best describe “how teens will influence tomorrow’s financial services industry.”

The site is full of web 2.0 content – blog, video, and RSS – and has geared itself towards the web-savvy students who are keen to work with these tools. This challenge is bound to turn heads not only from competing students, but from competing financial service companies in Canada. RBC has mobilized a specific demographic by creating a sizeable monetary prize (something all students are keen on), as well as working with the notion that Web 2.0 is both a tool for content creation, but also for discourse. I cannot wait to see what ideas come out of this project!