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Music Marketing Experiment Findings 1

I have spent the last 2 months researching my 5 sources and have found them all to carry good insight into what can be done to help market and promote my music. I should also note that a 6th source has been used via necessity as my editing work for Gigavox Media and programs like Social Innovations has helped me to think about how both NPOs and for profits think about marketing. Commonalities between sources include: Setting up an online newsletter

  • Having a good web presence in both print and music
  • Using online sales rather than going straight to a major label (fancy that being that 3 sources were on the web)
  • Being creative in your marketing and advertising endeavors
  • Marketing to yourself: Your target audience likely consists of people who are like you

I am currently in the process of executing points 1 and 3 and have 2 under wraps via a Myspace site. I will give more of my opinions on Myspace in the future. However 4 is the trickiest of all, and must be the key to advertising and marketing in this century and beyond. It also begs a question I am desperately trying to answer though I believe part of that answer lies in point 2. Consequently, along with pursuing 1 and 3, I will be working on creating a new web site presence (separate from Myspace) that hopes to fulfill all 5 findings. The consistency award goes to Bob Baker’s Music Promotion Blog.