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Introducing "Ask A Marketer"

Most Wednesday nights I teach the Email Marketing Certificate Course for the Canadian Marketing Association here in Toronto. As always I’ve got a great group of marketers and would-be marketers taking the course this semester. We’re a bit behind on the curriculum right now because they just can’t stop asking me questions! This got me to thinking, “I bet there are loads of One Degree readers that are dying to ask another Internet marketer a question or two”.

We do of course have a feature here where we ask you a question – QotD – but it occurs to me that we’ve never really let you folks ask your questions of us – the One Degree Contributors. So, starting next week we’ll have a new feature here at One Degree called, cleverly enough, “Ask A Marketer”.

I’ll take a crack at answering any question you might have about Internet Marketing. If I can’t answer it I’ll open it to the other One Degree Contributors. If none of us can answer it we’ll put it to the readership as a QotD. And of course the comments will be open on our answers so if you disagree or have a different approach, you’ll be able to add your two cents worth.

If you’d like to help kick us off, take a moment and think of a pressing question you’ve been working on, or something you’re a bit embarrassed to admit you don’t know (last night it was “how the heck to cookies work anyway?”) and send it off to . And yes, “Ask A Marketer” is an homage to Ask A Ninja – not that we’ll ever come up with as good an answer as the Ninja’s answer to What is Podcasting?