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AIMing High With Podcasting

This Thursday AIMS will be hosting its Should Your Company Be Podcasting event, with some familiar One Degree contributors taking the main stage.

On the bill are veteran podcasters Mitch Joel, Michael Seaton, and Judy McAlpine, and event organizer Kathryn Lagden described the event as “not just an introduction, but some interesting examples of corporate Canadian Podcasters.”

Reaching maturation, podcasting is now used by both the business and consumer communities alike, and is a versatile medium. Through internal AIMS research Kathryn noticed that many AIMS attendees were asking about Podcasting, and felt it would be a good idea to provide a crash course on Podcasting with a Canadian focus. With over 150 registrants, this afternoon event will not only be informative, but will provide the backbone for anyone interested in exploring this marketing channel.

I will be attending, and will be providing a presentation overview after the event. If you haven’t already registerd there is still time. Head over to the event homepage and sign up.


  1. Kathryn Lagden
    Kathryn Lagden January 23, 2007

    Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday Arieh!
    The presentations will lead in nicely to a Q&A discussion that I know will generate a lot of great conversation. If you (or any of the OneDegree readers) have a specific question you’d like to see addressed please do send it on over –

  2. Unfortunately, I am not in Toronto today. However, I would love to discuss podcasting further with any of you.
    My wife and I host Two Boobs and a Baby+. Our show is a comedy parenting podcast.
    We have been producing our show since October 2005.
    Please feel free to visit my blog: and podcast:
    Looking forward to the discussion.
    Dave Delaney

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