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  1. Ken Schafer - One Degree
    Ken Schafer - One Degree January 29, 2007

    1. LinkedIn – I’ve been able to connect a lot of people to each other through my network and it’s helped on occasion with finding interviewees for One Degree or connecting to people I’ve lost track of.
    2. Flickr – Let’s me share photos with friends and family. That changes the role of photos dramatically from something you stuff in a shoebox to something you actively involve others in. MUCH more interesting that way. Recently I’ve started posting more stuff publicly and following the photos of others I know (and don’t know). Great stuff.

  2. Lex
    Lex January 29, 2007

    1. Flickr – What started as a hobby site has built into some great business relationships and opened the door to a new way to engage with our customers. For a BtoC business, Flickr groups can let your customers share their photos of your business, your area of focus and participate in a new way.
    2. Vox – while it is positioned as a personal blogging platform, for me it has expanded rapidly into a networking site. The people using Vox want to talk, comment and engage. SixApart has a hit with this one, I’ve even heard it called “MySpace for grow-ups” and I’d agree.
    I’m a member of LinkedIn, though not especially active. I’ve found it a good way to keep track of colleagues and friend’s careers.
    I’m also a member of For people in the publishing industry it’s a great way to connect and learn from book buyers world wide.

  3. Michael Garrity
    Michael Garrity January 29, 2007

    LinkedIn: Just to see the true power of relational data at work. Makes a data obsessed marketing guy all misty.
    Tripadvisor: My wife and I have a passion for travel and recently, because of having a little monkey, for packaged travel. Tripadvisor is great for facilitating both travel administration and user generated content.
    Thorntree at Just so I can remember back to the old days of traveling. It’s a bit more of an old school thread-based discussion around topics but I love the content.

  4. Jason Verwey
    Jason Verwey January 29, 2007

    LinkedIn: Building and maintaining my professional network. Hoping as it grows, LinkedIn will add more “actionable” features. Main benefit: making contacts I would not have been possible through traditional methods.
    Facebook: Although I have a few professional contacts on facebook, I use this primarily for keeping in touch with non-professional contacts. Main benefit: Easy to stay in touch with groups of people (i.e. college class, extended family, high school friends, etc.)

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