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Prepping for the iPhone – Rethinking Safari

It may be time to dust off the Mac in the QA Dept to prepare for the iPhone. The iPhone has a full functional Safari web browser built into it, which currently is only available on the Mac. The phone is expected to do quite well, and as a result is yet another way to reach your website. The question is.. Does your site work with Safari?

With usage share of 4.24% in Dec/2006 according to (an increase from 1.24% in Jan 2006), Safari testing usually is on the back burner. However, Safari’s share of the pie has been steadily increasing and the iPhone will definitely give it a boost. So at the next meeting with QA, definitely ask about Safari.

Of course if you haven’t already asked about Firefox (now with 14% share) then definitely time to wake up. Your site may work just fine with Safari, but now is the time to check. For those catching up, IE’s share is continuously dropping (now at 79%), Firefox at 14%, Safari at 4% and Netscape and Opera both have less than a percent.


  1. RyanRFD
    RyanRFD February 5, 2007

    NetApplications is reporting the global market share. In January 2007 we saw over 41% of our visitors using Firefox. That’s based on 750,000 unique visitors, 94% of them from Canada. I would describe our users as only moderately tech focused.

  2. Ken Schafer - One Degree
    Ken Schafer - One Degree February 5, 2007

    Here are One Degree’s stats for 2007 so far:
    MSIE – 46.09%
    Firefox – 28.97%
    MSIE 7.0 – 20.30%
    “Other” – 4.64%
    Safari was in fourth but with only 1.25% of our visits it’s not very significant.

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