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Tips for Getting Started with Podcasting

In my final One Degree blog post of 2006, I predicted that we’re going to see a lot of growth in the podcasting space this year. While it’s too early to know if my prediction will come true, I’m certainly going to do my part to add to the podcast momentum.

Last week I launched my first podcast, Marketing Martini – "Internet Marketing Advice Served Straight Up" – and the response has been overwhelming. My little podcast has only been in existence for a week, yet I’ve already gotten positive feedback from listeners across Canada as well as the United States and Australia. (Special thanks go out to the generous and omnipresent Mitch Joel for helping spread the word.)

Prior to launch, I probably invested 80+ hours doing research on podcasting and setting up my podcast. While I still have lots more to learn about this new medium, I already have a few quick podcasting tips I want to share with One Degree readers. These are guaranteed to save you some time and hassle. Trust me; I learned the hard way! ;+)

Although it may be sacrilege to admit this, the best book I found and read on podcasting was Podcasting for Dummies. It’s a fascinating and thorough read and a great way to learn both the history of podcasting as well as the fundamentals.

You are going to need some audio recording software to record and edit your podcast. I use and recommend two tools: the amazing and easy-to-use CastBlaster, for recording, and Audacity, for editing and fine-tuning. CastBlaster costs USD $50 and Audacity is free.

To host your podcast media files (MP3), you should seriously consider using a hosting company that specializes in podcasting and has a flexible bandwidth pricing structure that won’t bankrupt you if your podcast becomes successful. I tested and evaluated a number of companies before I settled on LibSyn, which I highly recommend.

You really should give people the opportunity to stream your podcast directly from the Website or blog associated with it. This requires a Flash podcast player, and the best one I’ve found to date is the Pickle Player, which is free.
Finally, if you want to find out more about podcasting, join me and hundreds of other podcasting enthusiasts at PodCamp Toronto, a 2-day ‘unconference’ that will be held at Ryerson University on February 24-25, 2007. Attendance is free.


  1. Recruiting Animal
    Recruiting Animal February 6, 2007

    Thanks, Bill. I’ve been intending to do some podcasting and I appreciate your sharing your know how.

  2. Leesa Barnes
    Leesa Barnes February 6, 2007

    Bill, I’m just so pleased that one of Canada’s smartest Internet marketing gurus is now podcasting. Way to go! This is a big boost for podcasting in Canada.

  3. Bill Sweetman
    Bill Sweetman February 7, 2007

    Leesa, thank YOU for providing some valuable advice to me prior to my podcast launch. Behind every “guru” is whole bunch of other helpful gurus. ;+)

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