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The CMA's Idea – Advertising and Marketing Forum

Thursday February 15th the CMA will be hosting the Advertising & Marketing forum at the Capitol Theatre. I had the opportunity to speak with event organizer Howard Breen at MacLaren McCann Canada, who described the one day event as a “conversation on ideas.” With keynote speakers John Cassaday of Corus Entertainment Inc, Mario D’Amico of Cirque du Soleil, and Richard Peddie of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd., the event is all about ideas and ideation.

Howard and Michael, the event organizers, selected speakers who were “very focused on driving their companies through wonderful thinking and brilliant ideas,” in an effort to shift the industry trend from focusing on new and innovative technologies toward creative, original, and good ideas. Howard equates the selected speaker list to individuals who are “fueling the [advertising and marketing] engine with great thinking.”

“Without an idea you’re sunk” is the event tagline, and those interested in attending should climb aboard and sign up, for this one day voyage.