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Web Pioneer Christian Gerard Dead At 36

I’m so sorry that we have to announce another death in the community. Christian Gerard, Founder and CEO of Webfeat – one of Toronto’s oldest web shops – died last month at 36 years old. Leigh Himel waited until the family made it official to pay tribute to Christian and it was through her lovely post that I learned that Christian had died. Others who knew him have been adding their comments there as well.

We wish Andrea Gerard and all of Christian’s friends and family much love as we celebrate Christian’s life with them.

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  1. Chris Carder
    Chris Carder February 27, 2007

    I met Christian about two years ago and was immediately engaged by his sense that everything and anything was possible. Although we’d meet frequently to talk business, he would eventually steer the conversation back to our ongoing dialogue about politics and how we might change the City and the Nation some day down the road. The day-to-day of business was an opportunity to build something greater. I appreciated that about him and I will miss that spirit, his laughter and presence greatly.

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